We provide
elegant, bold and
effective solutions that
win business.

We are an Auckland owned and based outsource web solutions company with development teams in New Zealand and Europe. Our mix of local and European developers are talented professionals who are experienced at working on commercial projects of all types and getting them completed quickly, elegantly and under budget.

We are predominantly used by digital and advertising agencies whose clients need web-based solutions which are not only elegant and cost effective but also achieve the ultimate objective winning business for them and their clients. We develop bespoke websites, mobile apps and other web-based solutions and are often used to complement digital agencies and marketing companies current capabilities because of our fast turnaround times. And being New Zealand based we also understand our clients local market place as well which is hugely important because there’s no point having web stuff that doesn’t work optimally in its respective target market.

Elegant web solutions that work for our clients and their clients.

The team

Director of Accurate Software Solutions

Vladan (Vlad) Neziri


Head of Operations In Europe

Vladimir Dobric

COO and Head of Operations in Europe

Chief Financial Officer

Dusan Ljubomirovic


Creative Director

Milos Ljubomirovic

Creative Director