Our professional and well organized team can make the impossible a reality with some of the best developers around every project is a guaranteed success.
Co-Founder / CEO ─
Vladan Neziri
Co-Founder / COO ─
Vladimir Dobric
Co-Founder / CFO ─
Dusan Ljubomirovic
Advisor ─
Milos Videnovic
Chief Technology Officer ─
Mladen Djuric
Chief Science Officer ─
Dejan Dimitrijevic
Developer ─
Ljubomir Mihajlovic
Developer ─
Sasa Jovic
Developer ─
Branislav Kojic
Developer ─
Marko Mitic
Developer ─
Stevan Popovic
Developer ─
Nenad Mihajlovic
Creative Director ─
Milos Ljubomirovic
UX/UI Expert ─
Vukasin Lausev
Brand Manager ─
Dragana Dobric
Marketing Associate ─
Milena Tamburic
Regional Sales Manager, NZ ─
Dzenana Neziri
Regional Sales Manager, USA ─
Ivana Saban
Sales Associate ─
Martina Muckova
Sales Associate ─
Ivan Neziri